This is a site with lots of graphics, so use a graphic browser with 'Auto Load Images' selected. I recommend to use Netscape Navigator 2.0 or greater.

There are also animations on this site, which need plug-ins to function.

Some of those animations need Shockwave, a plug-in you can download from Macromedia. It's a large plug-in but downloading it is really worth the effort, because there are already some impressive Shockwaves on the Net, and on this site.

The other plug-in is Sizzler. This is a very small animation plug-in which gives smooth and instant animation on the web.
There are a Macintosh and a Windows 95/NT version of Sizzler ../downloadable from this server.

Download Macintosh plug-in
Download Windows 95/NT plug-in
be sure that the Netscape preferences are set to save applications with the extension EXE
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Instructions for installing the plug-ins are enclosed
If you want to enjoy the WWW then you shouldn't have changed too many things in the general preferences of Netscape.
With the following settings you can browse my site without any problems, and most other sites as well.
If you don't see any difference between the two paragraphs below then your browser is set perfect for my site.

Try to make your text looking like that paragraph which is set with a Times 14 pt. You can select your font in the General Preferences.

Be also sure to have your monitor correctly set!
I spend a lot of time on choosing colors, and feel bad if I see my WEB pages on monitors with poorly regulated colors, contrast and brightness.
If you like to check or adjust your monitor settings, then you should have a look at my monitor adjustment page.

last update 20 april 1996