This is a place where probably millions of people passed on their way from the leaning tower to the baptistery.
I never just pass here. It's a wall you can read. There are fragments of sculptured text scattered all over this and the other walls of the cathedral. They are a kind of medieval graffiti, something you find also on other buildings in Pisa. I don't know why it's there, but I assume that in most cases the medieval constructors wanted to recycle pieces from earlier buildings. (but if there is another reason, I'm curious to know it).
When you take a better look at the entire wall you will notice that it is irregular, there's not one line parallel to another. I don't think this is a wanted effect (as it was for instance at the Parthenon of Athens), but those small irregularities give this wall a very natural aspect.(a thing that, in my opinion, also modern architects should take into account while making their projects)
In winter and early spring it's also a very pleasant place to be, because the white walls and pavement amplify the sunlight in the same way as snow does in high mountains.

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