Square of the Knights.
Another beautiful square in Pisa, except for the pavement. This square is surrounded by historical buildings which still are housing important institutions for the town of Pisa.

It is one of the first stops for those tourists who take the effort to explore more of Pisa.

This is a 360 degrees panorama of the square. Only a few of the buildings are explained because, as I said before, this isn't a tourist guide.

Palazzo dell'Orologio
Nowadays this building houses the library of the Letters Class of the Scuola Normale Superiore.
This library has a valuable collection of books and manuscripts.

Statue of Cosimo I
Fountain with statue of Cosimo I, founder of the Guild of the Knights of San Stefano. It was made between 1595 and 1608 by a french sculptor named Pietro Francavilla.

close-up statue (28K)

Palazzo dei Cavalieri
This building dominates the square with its position and beauty. It is the main building of the 'Scuola Normale Superiore', a small university for clever students. Inside I always feel 'centuries of intellect' which are present in every angle of this building. The offices of the 'Normalisti' are filled with piles of papers, books and serious people studying those things. The 'Normalisti' are a respected group in Pisa and considered to be the highest expression of human intellect, studying problems no normal person can understand. It is a pity that tourists aren't allowed to enter this building.
The only thing you can visit is their internet site, at least if your brain is bigger then 100K and even then it will be difficult to understand the sophisticated english they use.

close-up palazzo dei cavalieri (49K)

Church of San Stefano dei Cavalieri
A church worth a visit inside. Read your tourist guide when you visit this church, because there are a lot of interesting things to see.

close-up church (37K)

I'm sorry for the poor quality of the photographs. I took them with a compact-camera without tripod.

last update the 19th of may 1996.

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